habitual use


single-use glass vessels, steel lids, used paper cups, discarded wood

habitual use is two collections of objects: jars and cups.


The jars are assorted vessels with glass bodies and metal lids.  They were collected after their intended single use life and before their intended destination in the trash or recycling bin. They were collected by me, my mother, and my grandmother over the course of two weeks. I have erased the differentiating features of each jar (labels, paint, branding, residue) and presented them in their base materials.  Each jar is labeled with its previous brand and product information, creating a catalogue of object histories. The collection is presented on a table built from discarded pine and MDF recovered from a shipping crate.


The cups are the product of a practice of recycling.  I collected used paper cups discarded at various events and soaked them to produce a paper pulp.  I blended the pulp to further break it down and made new paper from the pulp. I used these sheets of recycled paper to craft new cup forms for this collection.  Each cup is made from a unique sheet of paper and the collection represents a range of colors, textures, patterns, and thickness. The cups are made dysfunctional in their reconstitution.